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  FEE Front-End Electronics for Delay-Line Readout
  APG1 Pocket Pulse Generator
  ATR19-2 Amplifier & Constant Fraction Disc. Module
  CFD1c, CFD4c and CFD8c Constant Fraction Discriminator
  CFD1x and CFD7x time and pulse-height converters
  cTDCx - multi-stop Time-to-Digital Converter/Comparator
  DCA8, Amplifier and Level Shifter
  fADC4 Fast ADC Unit
  FAMP1+, Compact fast timing amplifier
  FAMP3, FAMP6 and PreFAMP6 Signal amplifier
  FAMP8c, 8-channel high frequency amplifier
  BFAMP bipolar output amplifiers
  FANO4 NIM Signal multiplexer (FAN-OUT)  
  HV2/4+ (also for 6kV version), High voltage supply
  LET1+ timing discriminator
  LogX4, 4-channel Logic and Gate&Delay Module
  MIXA2, 2-channel Analog Signal Mixing Amplifier
  RM-6 NIM Ratemeter and Counter
  TDC4HM multi-stop Time-to-Digital Converter
  TDC8HP Time-To-Digital Converter
  USB-IO1: USB based analog/digital I/O-module
  Ft description FT12/16TP feedthrough & detector signal decoupling
  Ft description VL1: active protection amplifier to delimit excessive signal height
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