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    DLATR2 amplifier board    
    FT12-ceramic feedthrough    
    FT4-ceramic feedthrough (shv version)  
    Pin X12: pin extender for FT12 feedthrough    
    12TP (or 12TPhex): spare HF signal de-coupler for 12-pin-ceramics-UHV-feedthrough (not included) to read out/bias DLD (or HEX) delay line detectors  
    Ceramic ring (one)
please define front/back

for DLD40/DET40/WSD40
for DLD80/HEX75/80

    FT12 Connector Set (15 pieces) for FT12 feedthrough, vacuum side  
    2mm connector pin set for delay-line contact (one layer), set of 4 connectors  
    2,4mm connector pin for FT4 feedthrough, vacuum side  
    Kapton wire per meter: single/doubleotentia  
    MCP contact set 40/80 with lug, special M2 nut and screw, 2x  
    Set of 5 clamps for 40 or 75/80mm MCP mounting via ceramic rings  
    Spring contact (for MCP back contact incl. two 1mm pins )  
    Complete connection set: for DLD (or HEX) flange mountings, up to 50cm cable lengthontact plus cable confectioning (please define length < 50 cm)  
    Kapton jacket for wall insulation: for DLD40 or 80 / for all other detectors  
    Mounting post with insulation beads  
  093/094 Potential Mesh: (with 1 mm hexagons)


for DET40/75 (transmission >80%)  
091/092 ...or with 4 mm squares (transmission >94%)
095/096 Wowen potential Mesh: (with 140 micron open cell)

for DLD40 (transmission >75%)
for DLD80/HEX75 (transmission >75%)

for DLD120/HEX100/120 (transmission >75%)
097 Calibration masks for DLD40/DLD80 or HEX75
098 Shim 40 / 80 / 120: Intermediate contact spacer for MCP stacks
  323 BA3:battery box for delay line detectors. Provides floating 36V potential difference (saves one power supply channel).
  325 HVZ: passive DC adjustment box, for delay-line anode and MCP rear bias settings, up to 4kV.
HVZ-T:passive DC adjustment box, for TOF anode and both MCP bias settings (DET only).
  259 PCI2PCIe: adapter crate for TDC8HP to PCIe bus or laptop card for up to 3 TDC8HP units.


HFSD / HFST: HF-signal decoupler/terminator. Detector side MHV (optional SHV), rated to 4 kV, high voltage input SHV, HF-signal output to lemo00 socket / terminated by 0-200 Ω.


ST50: 50 Ohm signal terminator
  363 pInv&Att: Signal inverter and/or attenuator for fast and short signals, bandwidth 1-300 MHz, 50 Ohm coax lemo00 in- and output.
  364 SP1: in-line spark protector, lemo00 in-/output.  
  148 new VL1: active protection amplifier to delimit excessive signal height for subsequent circuits.
  365 SHV-T: SHV-T-connector for supplying two SHV-inputs from one bias output / MHV-T  
  366 SHV-G: SHV ground plug for setting detector potential to 0V bias ("ground") / MHV-G  
  190 SHV-SHV cable: for detector bias, 1-5 m, length (to be defined, default: 4 m)  

Cable sets ("lemo") for connections FT12(16)TP - ATR19 and ATR19 - TDC8HP
  191 Single cable (8m, 4m, 2m=10ns, 1m=5ns, 4ns, 3ns, 2ns, 1ns)  
194 Set of 5 cables (4 m, different colors)
195 Set of 8 cables (2 m or 4 m, different colors)
196 Set of 4 x 1 m, 4 x 2 m and 2 x 4 m
197 Lemo Set for CFD1c(x)/4c/8c/7x: 1 ns, 2 ns, I-connector (2x), 4(6)x4 ns, 4(6) x 5 (or 10) ns


198 Lemo starker kit: misc. connectors/adapters/cables (12 pieces total)


199 Lemo starker kit plus: Lemo starter kit with additional misc. BNC connectors (20 pieces total)
    Please contact us for any requests at: sales